Vets' and Troops' Favorite Calendar Girl To Visit 33rd Veterans Hospital on Her 50-state Tour With A Stop in Boise, Idaho

February 14, 2012

Troops’ and Veterans’ Favorite Pin-Up Girl is on a mission to visit hospitalized Veterans in every state in the U.S.

BOISE, Idaho,  February 14, 2012 — Gina Elise, CEO and Founder of “Pin-Ups For Vets”, dubbed by America’s deployed troops and Veterans as “The Calendar Angel ” and “The Betty Grable of A New Generation” is making personal bedside visits and delivering appreciation gifts to the Veterans hospitalized at the Boise VA Medical Center, her 33rd hospital stop on her national 50-state VA Hospital Tour.  She will visit the Idaho Vets on Valentine’s Day, February 14, at 10am to deliver the special gifts donated by her supporters around the globe.  The week of Feb 14th each year is designated as “National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans Week”.

Ms. Elise, granddaughter of WWII Army Veteran, supports Veterans and Troops 365 days of the year through her non-profit organization.  She explains,  “This week has been set aside to show appreciation to our Nation’s heroes who are hospitalized in every state across the U.S.  I encourage everyone to visit the Volunteer Services at their local VA Hospital to arrange a visit with their local hospitalized Vets.”

Pin-Ups For Vets is a unique award-winning non-profit organization in the U.S., whose mission is (1.) to raise funding to improve health care programs at VA and military hospitals, (2.) to visit ill and injured Veterans in VA and military hospitals across the U.S. and overseas to help boost morale and deliver appreciation gifts, (3.) to ship morale-boosting care packages to the troops in the war zones, and (4.) to encourage volunteerism at VA and military hospitals.

Gina Elise also appears as the popular blonde, brunette, redhead, and raven-haired  model in the newly released 6th annual office-friendly 2012 “Pin-Ups For Vets” fundraiser calendar. The theme of this year’s calendar is “nose art” and features the popular images of America’s last surviving WWII nose artist, Hal Olsen.  Supporters can visit the organization’s website at and go to the “Order Now” page to order calendars, T-shirts, posters, mugs, playing cards and many other gift items for themselves, for a hospitalized Veteran, or for a deployed service member.

Gina Elise personally delivers all donated gifts, with personal messages, for hospitalized Veterans during her hospital visits across the U.S.   The VA and military hospitals have written many letters to attest to the positive effect of these visits on the Veterans by the 1940’s-style calendar girl herself. On a recent visit to a VA Hospital in Brooklyn, NY, a hospitalized Veteran told Gina Elise, “When you are here, my pain goes away !”

Gina Elise has received many letters from the deployed troops asking her to ship the Pin-Ups For Vets calendars to help boost morale in the combat zones. One recent letter arrived with this message:  “I am a 14-year OIF and OEF vet that’s currently deployed. I am working with a unit that has seen so many casualties in the last 3 months. I know they need some cheering up, as do I. These guys are truly the tip of the spear and would appreciate correspondence. What are the chances of getting calendars sent this way?   I can’t say much about conditions, but I can say these guys need more than a pat on the back.”

Gina Elise is looking for businesses, Veterans groups, or civilians who would like to donate appreciation gifts for America’s hospitalized Veterans and for deployed troops.

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